Use the power of the arts to create positive change in our community!

ELA events provide a vast array of local artists with an opportunity to showcase their crafts and create a space for attendees to participate in open-minded discussions.



unites community members by organizing events infused with creative expression. Guests enjoy live art and music entertainment, as well as carefully crafted beverages and culinary art.



receives its funds by hosting events, generous donations and meaningful partnerships. Your participation enhances our community by promoting creative discussion and expression!

Art-based events empower creative individuals and encourages a positive transformation of our society


culturally and socially enriching Events  

While being a witness to many different creative processes, attendees communicate directly with a variety of talented artists - from painters, musicians to chefs. This method of interaction inspires guests to share ideas and has proven to spark innovation!

Supporting Local Artists

ELA provides support to local artistic projects through financing and social media outreach. Although partnered with many talented artists, ELA is always willing to assist up-and-coming creatives.

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The Latest

Community Made Mosaic Mural

We UnderSTAND Together is a partnership between the non-profit organizations Experience Live Art and i understand, along with artist Leyna Luttrull. We hope to use the power of the arts as a vessel to start the conversation and to raise awareness.

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We UnderSTAND Together exists to show support for the pain that everyone in this world feels, whether that pain stems from the loss of a loved one, personal struggles, career challenges, addiction, relationship changes, illness or nancial devastation. We want to raise awareness for these struggles and show support for those who experience hardship around us every day.

We UnderSTAND Together is a partnership between the non-pro t organizations Experience Live Art and i understand, along with artist Leyna Luttrull. We hope to use the power of the arts as a vessel to start the conversation and to bring awareness to the fact that we all struggle, have pain and need support around us.

Over the next year we will bring people together to create a large community mural that will mark the beginning of a movement to raise awareness for the areas in which pain is felt. The UnderSTAND mural will be a mosaic made of 2in x 2in tiles that will be painted by members of our community. The founders of Experience Live Art, Steve Tibbe and Kevin Huver, and the founder of i understand, Vonnie Woodrick, along with Grand Rapids artist Leyna Luttrull, conceptualized this project and are so excited to bring the conversation to everyday places.


– purchase 5 tiles to be painted a community event and be part of the community made mural.

STAND Sponsor $100

– purchase supplies needed; paint, tiles and more!

Community Partner $500

– sponsorship to support a community event in your name at a school or business of your choice to decorate 30 tiles.

Corporate Sponsor $2500

  • sponsorship to support the community and mental health awareness through your business. Tile painting day at the location of your choice and an exclusive invite to the mural unveiling in 2020.

Artist Sponsor $5,000.00

– goes to contracting artist, material and marketing/ community outreach
– 5 social post, on all print material and shout out on news shows, 1 community event in your honor to decorate tiles (30 Tiles)

Butterfly Sponsor $25,000

- be the change in the project to cover all expenses and help make our community and world a better place.

If you live out of the area and can not easily make one of our events in Michigan? We can mail you a tile to decorate, you can then mail it back and be part of the mural. $10.00

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Our mission

ELA was created with the intention of raising awareness of the correlation between the practice of artistic expression and the positive transformations within our community. By implementing the arts into our society, we are capable of influencing future generations. Let us work together to build stronger connections amongst our community members as well as inspire the youth of our society!


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